Business and self-employment expenses

If you're self-employed it is all too easy to claim the wrong expenses, which can later result in a HM Revenue and Customs investigation , and penalties. Jabbal & Co. can advise on what deductions, reliefs and allowances that you can get to reduce you tax bill.
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Capital expenditure

Expenditure on buying, creating or improving a business asset that you keep to earn profits in your business is capital expenditure. So the cost of buying a van for your business is capital expenditure but cost of renting is not.
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Tax and compilance

Whilst ensuring that your statutory obiligations are met, Jabbal & Co also takes the opportunity to review your financial and management systems. We are normally able to identify a number of areas where consideration can be given, and where appropriate suggest a number of possible solutions.

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Corporation tax

Unless you get the right tax advice, you could easily find yourself not taking advantage of all the allowances and reliefs available. Jabbal & Co. is able to advise you as to what allowance and reliefs are available to you, so you only pay what you need to.
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Vat & payroll

Vat and payroll taxation is an increasingly complex area, which many clients find too difficult. Jabbal & Co. can assist clients to keep the administrative costs to a minimum, and ensure that vat and payroll runs smoothly.
  • Cost effective
  • On time
  • Avoid the pitfalls
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